UPDATE : New Pricing Plans


  • All existing clients who have a bought a module before 1st of June 2023 will benefit from the old pricing, for life, unless they unsubscribe;
  • Our base modules are all shifting to 500€ per year;
  • The Pro plan (1250€ per year) now allows you to pick 4 modules of your choice;
  • The Entreprise plan now costs 3000€ per year;
  • The price of the Premium plan will be set to 10 000€ per year;
  • The new pricing will be available and applied on the 1st of June 2023;

New way to buy modules

There will be a new way to purchase modules that will be added on our site in the near future. 

All modules will now be priced at 500€ per year per module. You can find them all gathered in one plan, called “Per Module”. 

This new Pro plan will allow you to choose a custom set of modules, including our bestsellers – the html and the image modules, to perfectly fit your needs!

What’s new in our plans ?

We’ve also made some changes to our Pro plan.

  1. The pricing of the Pro Plan will change to 1250€ per year.
  2. Due to increasing demand, we have decided to let the clients hand-pick the modules themselves. Therefore you can now choose the 4 modules that you deem necessary from the 17 available on our website. This ensures that the user gets the modules that suit their needs instead of getting a pre-made package of the standard modules.

Previously the Pro Plan had 6 fixed modules (you could not choose which modules you wanted).  For this reason, not all of them were equally used. So we have decided to offer a more personalized experience, where each customer can decide which module he wants to buy.

In case you’re not sure which 4 modules you want, you can always handpick the ones you’re sure about, and come back at a later time, to choose the rest. E.g, If you already know that you want the HTML module as well as the image module, you can choose them from the four available slots and buy them. Then come back for the two remaining modules at a later time to fill the other slots available).

Once you choose the modules you want you cannot change them until the end of the billing period.

About our Enterprise plan

The price will change to 3000€ per year.

The Enterprise plan still offers you all the modules with average support response time of less than 24 hours.

The Premium Plan

The price of the Premium plan will be set to 10 000€ per year.

The Premium plan includes:

  • 3 days of specific priority development for new features.
  • 3 days of template creation for your company by a docxtemplater expert. This will ensure that you can save your valuable time and gain most advantages from docxtemplater without having to figure it by yourself.

Optionally, starting at 5000€ (one-time payment), we can integrate docxtemplater and configure it, so you can benefit from a worry-free installation process.

The Premium Plan ensures that your documents creation process is always functioning at peak performance. This is the version that will allow you to get the most out of your experience with Docxtemplater, if you are looking for a faster response time and also if you have no experience in software development..

Important : If you buy a Plan or a module before the 1st of June 2023, the old prices will be applied for life for the plans bought before the 1st of June 2023 (that means it will still be the old prices that apply to you in 2024 and forever).

2 thoughts on “UPDATE : New Pricing Plans”

  1. I am new to your docxtemplater and wanted to test a requirement to create a document with multiple columns and multiple lines. Input data will come from an SQL table object. See below input format

    NAME NAME NAME --> this is a heading line in the output document
    first-name first-name firstname
    last-name last-name last-name
    phone phone phone

    Can this be done with your FREE option?

    1. Hi Richard,

      You can create tables using the following free feature :


      In this case, you can create a table but the header lines are fixed (so only the amount of lines can change, but the number of headers cannot).

      With the table module, it is possible to create a table using two-dimensional arrays, meaning you can create a table with variable header and variable number of lines. See this demo for possibilities : https://docxtemplater.com/demo/#table

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