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Edgar Hipp Founder at Coding Puffin

Hello, I’m Edgar Hipp, the creator of docxtemplater. I’ve been doing Node.JS development for 10 years. 

Docxtemplater is my full-time job since 2019. For the past years I’ve helped thousands of people to improve their document generation system.


FOD (Future Of Debugging) is a new kind of tool for your development workflow.

  • Like a debugger but that never stops your code.
  • Like console.log but without having to do anything.
  • It helps you get insights on your code while it runs.
  • You get all that in your favorite editor.

Node.JS Ready

FOD works with any node.js code, running with pure node, mocha, jest, …

Console.log on steroids

Most developpers use console.log for debugging. Get way faster by viewing variables right in your editor

Debug your production

You can run FOD on any platform, so it makes it possible to use the same tooling to debug your production.

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